Travel Essentials | Quick Guide to Primer Group’s BODEGA SALE


For the past two years, at least, we can say that we are frequent customers of the regular BODEGA SALE promo by Primer Group of Companies, perhaps the country’s largest distributor of known quality clothing and outfit brands. They singlehandedly manage the marketing and sales of reputable outdoor clothing brands such as The North Face, Columbia, Mountain Hardware, Salomon and Fit Flops to name a few.


Although we still encourage patronizing our home-grown and local brands, who can’t resist these periodic and regular promotions now known as the bodega or warehouse sale. So, exactly how to catch this Bodega Sale, well, you may consider these quick items:

Be active in Social Media and follow Primer Group’s accounts. Just simply follow Primer Group’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They usually post announcements of promos and deals regularly weeks before. The latest event that we were able to catch the sale in October of last year. You can also see their announcements reposted or flagged in travel pages or groups on Facebook like Byaheng Budgetarian and Backpackers of the Philippines.

What are up for sale and how much?

Items and Brands: Check with Primer Group Page or website to know all the available brands and items up for sale. Some of these well-known brands include The North Face (TNF), Columbia, Mountain Hardware, Salomon, Jansport, East pack, Eagle Creek, Fit Flops, Sanuk, Herschel, etc.

Prices: Similar to other warehouse sale, Primer offers very affordable deals, with discounts ranging from 50 % to 80% depending on the items and brands. But really, from our experience, this one is really a sell-out, as in irresistibly affordable if you’ll think of mall prices. For instance, a TNF or Salomon running or hiking shoes is sold at Php 2,000/pair from the original Php 6,000-10,000. TNF or Columbia outdoor jackets/coats priced at Php 5,000 to 10,000 now sold at Php 1,000-2,000. You can also buy branded accessories and gears for as low as Php 100 to 600.

Save for and set your budget. Having known these regular promo events, it is best to have readily available funds anytime there would a sale. But to prepare for this particular all-out sale, it is wise to really save some amount so you can invest on some of the reputable clothing/outfit brands in the market today suitable to your needs and preference. There are no limits to your budget since that depends on your capability and intent as customer but it is also suggested that you come up with your priorities list. Please note that usually they only accept cash and credit cards. Debit or EPS is not allowed at the moment. So make sure to bring with you your credit cards with valid IDs and you have withdrawn enough sum of money.

Manage your time. The next thing to ensure upon learning the schedule is your availability on those dates. If you have full time working on weekdays, make sure to file a leave earlier (usually one-full day). Although some schedules fall on weekends, you might risk not getting you’re desired item or size or color already. Also, given the bulk of customers, sometime it takes some time to finish shopping and would take so long to finish the payment.

Know and familiarize the event details. Google would of great help in guiding you to locate the venue. Search online images or maybe a layout if possible of the venue so you won’t get lost and you’ll be able to move around as quickly as possible. The promo poster usually comes with a list (in logo) of brands that would be sold.

Create a what-to-buy list. Just like when you’re doing your groceries, it is helpful to have a list of what to buy, must buy and other options. Having known the brand lineup in the promo poster, you can now have mental list of what you need and want to buy. This will aid you in going around the venue and locate you preferred brands as soon as possible. However, always have a ready option or fall back once your desired item or brand is no longer available but you still have money willing to spend.

On B(odega)-Day, be early as possible. The gates open usually at around 10AM or before lunch. If possible, be there two to three hours before or even earlier. In our latest experience, I arrived a little past 7AM and I was already customer #26 in the queue, but we are still lucky to be one of the earliest in an event that draw hundreds of buyers, especially on opening day. I managed to exit the building at around 2PM.

It is also ideal to have a companion with you. This is particularly helpful starting from queuing up to the shopping and payment stage. But if you come alone, still no worries. You can engage fellow customers in small talks so you can excuse yourself for quick toilet calls and still return to your line, or even get to talk to a future ‘significant other’. More importantly, come in full stomach and you can also bring water and some pocket foods.


Go for the gold quickly. Once inside the venue, make sure to proceed directly to the items you are interested in but mindful of other affordable items worth buying. The prevailing ‘technique’ for some customers (especially those in groups and self-declared retailers) is that they tend to hoard initially the items, like place it in shopping bags, stack in a corner or just let their companion hold the items, and we are talking here in dozens of various items. Soon after, they will proceed to selection of their desired items. You will now have to wait for some of the items to be discarded from their choices to be able to check the items. Please note the usual items that tend to run out easily are the popular brands.

You can also ask any of the crew of the location of brands or items that you’re looking for. Be friendly with the crew as they can later assist you in looking for available stocks, sizes, colors and designs. It is also suggested to have some conversation with fellow customers as might just have in their hands the item you want to buy or if they can be of help.

Invest in patience. Aside from some irate customers, you have to be ready for the long queues upon entry, during the shopping proper and the long payment lines, so you need pounds of patience and understanding.


Safety notes. Always be conscious of your safety and security. The venue could get so full, so be wary of ‘friendly’ pickpockets and thieves lurking within or around the venue. Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially cash and cellphones. Consciously, familiarize the layout of the venue and look for emergency exits and post of security personnel.

So after 7 hours and a 1-day-leave later, I spent a total of Php 11,500. But it’s all SULIT (worth it), since we took home: 2 of Salomon shoes, 2 Eddie Bauer insulated jackets, 1 The North Face fleece jacket, 2 Hedgren bags and 1 Eagle Creek bag, originally worth Php 38,000.


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with nor compensated by the Primer Group and its brands in writing this post. This is mainly based on our experience in several of the Bodega Sale.s

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