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8 thoughts on “Reach Us

  1. Hi! my friend and 1 are planning to go to Bolinao this weekend, probably 2 days and 1 night. Would appreciate your inputs on how to travel backpacker style in this place, accommodation near patar beach, not so expensive but decent enough, with own bathroom and aircon 🙂 Thanks much!

  2. hello 🙂 i am looking for a accomodation.. near patar beach…. were only couple… 🙂 were planning to have a vacation by december,,, 🙂
    we need a room… with a aircon and own bathroom 🙂
    waiting for responce 🙂 yushen

    1. Thank you for visiting. Please note that we only availed of beachfront cottages during our trip so we really can’t recommend first hand. But for your reference, if you prefer a Patar beach front accommodation, you can check the Treasures of Bolinao Resort – and inquire on their rooms with AC/bathroom. You can also check with other nearby & popular resorts: G Beach Resort (, Villa Soldeda (, and Puerto del Sol ( Make sure that you check on the specific locations since some resorts are too far from the Patar Beach area. Enjoy Patar!

  3. Hi,i would like to know more about this interesting tour. Don’t mind emailing me for more details.


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