The Backpack Couple


Welcome to our humble virtual home! We’re newbies on the road. We started traveling around the Philippines few years back and Asian countries in the most budget-friendly and convenient ways possible. Ive is a bookworm and true crime fan and Edge is a freelancer and has plenty of appetite for news & current events. We both like the shade of blue, we root for the San Antonio Spurs and we love to pig-out. We work hard to agree to disagree.

ATM: Hokuriku Region, western Japan

The Backpack Couple [TBC].

What We Do

Travel in tandem | Travel on backpacks | Travel on a budget | Plan and dream of travels | Share travel tips and details | Sleep over in airports | Support local economy | Encourage nature-based tourism | Stay up late to catch cheap airfares| Block off Travel Expo schedules | Watch out for promos & cheap offers | Don’t patronize zoo or facilities that hold wildlife for fun & profit |Value safety & securityGO, travel!

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