Lakwatsa Alert | 19 Holidays, 10 Long Weekends for 2017

For weekend (or rather long-weekend) and budget travelers like us, HOLIDAYS are music to our ears. Aside from each other, perhaps, these breaks or quick off from work is an opportunity for what else but enjoy the company of each other in some new, popular or even off-the-beaten destinations or places in the Philippines or abroad. So its again a welcome news that OFFICIAL HOLIDAYS for 2017 has been  released by Malacanang as embodied in Proclamation No. 50, series of 2016. In total, there are 19 regular and special non-working holidays, including the observance of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha.

Regular Holidays

New Year’s Day   1   January   (Sunday)
Araw ng Kagitingan   9   April   (Sunday)
Maundy Thursday 13   April
Good Friday 14   April
Labor Day   1   May   (Monday)
 Independence Day 12   June   (Monday)
 National Heroes Day 28   August   (Last Monday of August)
 Bonifacio Day 30   November   (Thursday)
 Christmas Day 25   December   (Monday)
Rizal Day 30   December   (Saturday)

Special (Non-Working) Days

Chinese New Year 28   January   (Saturday)
EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary 25   February   (Saturday)
Black Saturday 15   April
Ninoy Aquino Day 21   August   (Monday)
All Saints Day   1   November   (Wednesday)
Last Day of the Year  31   December   (Sunday)
Additional special (non-working) day 31   October   (Tuesday)

Possible Long Weekends

April 13-16 4 Days / Thursday-Sunday
April 29-May 1 3 Days / Saturday-Monday
June 10-12 3 Days / Saturday-Monday
June 24-26* 3 Days / Saturday-Monday
August 19-21 3 Days / Saturday-Monday
August 26-28 3 Days / Saturday-Monday
September 1-3* 3 Days / Friday-Sunday
October 28-November 1 5 Days / Saturday-Wednesday                   Required Leave: October 30 (Monday)
November 30-December 3 4 Days / Thursday-Sunday                    Required Leave: December 01 (Friday)
December 23-25 3 Days / Saturday-Monday

*June 26 – Tentative date of Eidul Fitr |  September 1 – Tentative date of Eidul Adha 

Please note that the declaration of the specific dates for the observance of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha is in accordance with the Islamic calendar and will be determined by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF). So far, the tentative dates are June 26 (Eidul Fitr) and September 1 (Eidul Adha).

Additional Localized Holiday

Unconsciously, many are not aware that as a common practice or rule among Local Government Units (Province and Towns/Cities), Fiesta or Charter Days are usually declared holidays. That means and additional holiday or even long-weekend. In our case, since we are working in Quezon City, we always mark August 19 (Quezon City Day) in our schedule of holidays and long-weekends. Of course, this may not apply to jobs or work that have off-shore arrangements particularly in many BPO-related jobs. Nevertheless, we hope that would help you plan your travels, most importantly in securing your leave and budget next year.

For those who cannot avail of leave during these times or are required to work, you need not worry as the Labor Code rules on work during holiday apply accordingly.

Hope this helps you plan your next budget travels! Have a safe and fun holidays!



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