Boracay Quick Travel Guide


Summer is officially here. It is undisputed that Boracay is the premier destination of the Philippines for both foreign and domestic beach-seeking and dwelling tourists alike. So regardless of how popular and how mainstreamed it has become, Boracay Island is one destination that should never be missed in your lifetime. In fact, being one of the world’s best islands, Boracay hosts a complete line of beach and water activities and beach parties that will make your visit filled with fun memories.


Roll and get tanned in its famous fine, white sand beaches



Experience the thrill and adventure of parasailing for a fair rate




Try the paraw sailing especially on sunset


Watch, learn and try lessons of skim boarding


For the daring, you can also take lessons of wind surfing




Enjoy the surrounding environs and views of the island



  • Splurge of sea foods everywhere, consume the night on party with fire dancers
  • Don’t forget to bring as many souvenirs, save for the corals, shells & sand
  • Helmet diving
  • Mermaid swimming
  • Off-beach actions: Zip line, zorb

Maulang Boracay

Where to Stay

Boracay is where the single most number of resorts and accommodations elsewhere in the country are located, with varying rates and convenience to choose from. The most convenient and cheapest way of availing accommodations is through online-booking providers like Agoda and They are actually reliable and you are given the best options based on your budget. In our case, we stayed at Azzurro di Boracay Resort in Station 3, a beachfront resort with great accessibility and standard amenities, including an in-house restaurant that offers Italian and Filipino cuisines. Adjacent to it is the famous Andok’s Restaurant which is a wise option for budget travellers like us.

Getting There

By Plane:  PAL, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia fly to Boracay multiple times a day via Kalibo or Caticlan. If you take Kalibo route, you have to take the almost two-hour bus or van ride to Caticlan, followed by a 15-minute outrigger ride to the island. If you take the direct Caticlan route, you just need to transfer to the Caticlan jetty port to the island. Please note however that planes to and from Caticlan are propeller planes so cancellations are pretty common. So as not to spoil your tight schedules, better take the Kalibo way since van and bus services to and from Caticlan are fast and convenient all day.

By Bus:  It could take the entire day or night if you prefer to travel on board aircon buses from Manila and two roll-on/roll-off (roro) boat rides. However, if you have the patience for long travels, then take this route which will pass through Batangas-Calapan and Roxas, Mindoro-Caticlan.

By Boat:  There is a direct boat trip going to and from Caticlan via Batangas City Pier, operated by 2Go Travel (merger of Supper Ferry & Negros Navigation). It takes about 8-10 hours to reach Caticlan which is convenient since trips are overnight.



For complete information about Boracay, please visit My Boracay Guide.

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