Project 80 + 1: A Tour of All Philippine Provinces

imagesOut of nowhere,  it came across our heads to do something challenging, a departure from our usual travel-for-pleasure and leisure trips anywhere. This year, it’s about setting a particular target, shooting an ambitious goal. Something, me and Ive could later on hold before anybody and declared that we didn’t only conquered an archipelago, but we conquered ourselves, together.  But who cares if it would take forever to actually achieve this goal- stepping on every single province in the country. That is 80 plus 1 provinces all in all.

Fast Facts: Officially, there are at present 80 governing provinces, the youngest being, Dinagat Island by virtue of a flip-flopping decision of the Supreme Court last year. But in January this year, President Aquino signed Republic Act 1036, a law carving another province from Davao del Sur to be known as Davao Occidental. Should all go well during the plebiscite this year, then Davao Occidental would become the country’s 81st and youngest province.

Although we have been together in several trips, mostly in the Visayas, this is our first time to go on backpacking mode. And what a way to embark on a long and financially-challenging journey across the country, than visiting three underrated provinces in terms of tourism in the eastern part of the archipelago, Leyte, Biliran and Southern Leyte. Thanks to the extended break for the Holyweek. But as a matter of record keeping, we are including entries for our Negros Oriental and Bohol trips early this year.

For the rest of the year, we hope to explore the beauty and bounty of the countryside and get to experience the tastes, sights and sounds of each of the 80+1 provinces and re-affirm that indeed, It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

5 thoughts on “Project 80 + 1: A Tour of All Philippine Provinces

  1. This is such an amazing idea! I’m gonna start a similar project of touring the whole 14-states of my country too (I only managed to tour 12 states in my entire life), so the touring will start again from scratch, with better photos!

    Last I’ve been to Boracay and Manila hehe! Anyway, good luck for the 80+1 project! It must be very exciting! 😀

  2. Hi! Wow, thanks for gracing our youngest blog. We dedicate this to the challenge just to keep with our pace. Anyway, you got a great blog and photos there. Good luck too on your journey back from scratch-:) And hope you could visit here again.

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