The Backpack Couple

The Backpack Couple [TBC]: Welcome to our humble virtual home! Bounded by our passion for adventure, we embarked on this work in progress journey across seas, sites, tastes and sounds all over the country and beyond documented in this blog space. Ive is a bookworm, foodie and lakwatsera (wanderer) and Edge is a freelancer, rock-hugger and has plenty of appetite for news & current events. But we both like the shade of blue, we root for the San Antonio Spurs and we love to pig-out. We work hard to agree to disagree. [Ive & Edge]

What We Do:

  • Travel in tandem
  • Travel on backpacks
  • Travel on a budget
  • Stay up late to catch cheap airfares and blocking off Travel Expo schedules
  • Keep a keen eye for promos and cheap offers
  • Sleep over in airports
  • Support and encourage tourism to boost local economy
  • Support and advocate nature-based tourism and ecotourism
  • Reach out to local communities and authorities
  • Don’t patronize zoo or facilities that hold wildlife for fun & profit
  • Value safety & security
  • Plan and dream of travels
  • Share travel tips and details
  • Encourage you to travel too!

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