Travel Sale | KKday Best of Asia Tour Sale

Starting 12 noon of July 13 until July 28, 2017, is running a Best of Asia Campaign to showcase the best-selling tours that they operate in top Asian destinations. By joining this exclusive campaign, travelers who purchase selected tours from KKday during the promo period are eligible to book another tour for only P50 (US$1) and get the most out of their travel budget!

Best of Asia Day Tours The Backpack Couple Blhtr

These P50 tours include flagship products such as KKday’s Signature Northern Taiwan Tour, allowing sightseers to immerse themselves in beautiful scenery and relive spectacular moments from Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away . Another major tour, the South Korean Tour, can also be booked for a steal price! This will lead travelers to iconic attractions like the Gangchon Rail Bike Park, Nami Island, and Petite France – a must-see for creative artists and K-drama fans alike. To top off the promotion, the Best of Asia Campaign includes convenient travel necessities, such as Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak Fast track Tram Tickets and 4G Travel SIM Cards; It’ll come in handy especially when travelling on a whim.


KKday is a travel itinerary e-commerce platform that allows globetrotters to book tours, activities, acquire other travel necessities to create their own customized travel experience. Both travel experts and newbies can easily enjoy a wider range of unique selections to fulfill their personal travel goals. To date, KKday has over 6,000 tours and travel activities all over the world. KKday has established a strong presence in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and North America. Just last May, they launched their expansion here in the Philippines.


Learn more about the mechanics of KKday’s Best of Asia Campaign at this page and book today! Slots for P50 tours are limited and customers will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

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